The Łódź Atlas

  1. Łódź's location within the natural structures of Poland and the region  [A]  [R]
  2. Łódź's location within Polish political-administrative, transportation and settlement systems  [A]  [R]
  3. Łódź in prehistoric times and so-called agricultural period (from prehistory to the early 19th c.)  [A]  [R]
  4. Łódź and its environs in the first half of the 19th c.  [A]  [R]
  5. Łódź in the high industrial period  [A]  [R]
  6. Łódź in the interwar Period and During the Nazi Occupation  [A]  [R]
  7. Geology and soils  [A]  [R]
  8. Landforms  [A]  [R]
  9. Hydrology  [A]  [R]
  10. Climate  [A]  [R]
  11. Natural heritage: The Flora  [A]  [R]
  12. Natural heritage: The Fauna  [A]  [R]
  13. Sozology - selected issues of environmental protection and degradation  [A]  [R]
  14. Population change and distribution  [A]  [R]
  15. Population change and distribution as in 2005  [A]  [R]
  16. Demographic structure  [A]  [R]
  17. Demographic structure as in 2005  [A]  [R]
  18. Migration patterns  [A]  [R]
  19. Employment structure  [A]  [R]
  20. Religious faiths in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  21. Voting patterns of the inhabitants of Łódź: 1998 Łódź assembly elections  [A]  [R]
  22. Voting patterns of the inhabitants of Łódź: 2006 Łódź assembly elections  [A]  [R]
  23. Health care and social aid  [A]  [R]
  24. Higher education, research and culture  [A]  [R]
  25. Education  [A]  [R]
  26. Shopping and gastronomy  [A]  [R]
  27. Territorial boundaries and divisions in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  28. Land use in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  29. Changes in industrial land use in Łódź : 1938-1999  [A]  [R]
  30. Agricultural areas in Łódź and its rural-urban fringe  [A]  [R]
  31. Built-up area development from the end of the 18th c.  [A]  [R]
  32. Floorspace ratio and towering features  [A]  [R]
  33. Housing and housing areas in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  34. Housing conditions in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  35. Housing structure  [A]  [R]
  36. Utility infrastructure  [A]  [R]
  37. Public transport  [A]  [R]
  38. Utility infrastructure vs. urbanised area  [A]  [R]
  39. Piotrkowska Street  [A]  [R]
  40. The development of metropolitan functions in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  41. Metropolitan institutions in Łódź - distribution and structure in 2000  [A]  [R]
  42. Tourist and recreational space in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  43. Tourism in Łódź  [A]  [R]
  44. Metropolitan tourism assets of Łódź (selected examples)  [A]  [R]
  45. The city's spatial and urban development planning in historical approach  [A]  [R]
  46. 1993 local spatial development plan for Łódź  [A]  [R]
  47. Public benefit space-area Łódź's historical and cultural identity  [A]  [R]
  48. Łódź city council spatial planning policy  [A]  [R]
  49. Spatial development framework for the city of Łódź, part 1 general principles of urban space engineering and use  [A]  [R]
  50. Spatial development framework for the city of Łódź, part 2 general principles of urban space engineering and use  [A]  [R]
  51. Łódź within international networks  [A]  [R]
  52. The impact of Łódź on the regional and national socio-economic space  [A]  [R]
  53. Communication accessibility of Łódź  [A]  [R]
  54. Functional changes in and off Piotrkowska Street  [A]  [R]
  55. Crime distribution in Łódź as in 2002  [A]  [R]
  56. Socio-residential structure of Łódź as in 2002  [A]  [R]
  57. New industrial investment locations in Łódź as in 2007  [A]  [R]
  58. New residential areas in Łódź as in 2007  [A]  [R]
  59. List of buildings of special architectural or historic interest and preservation zones in 2007  [A]  [R]
  60. Łódź metropolitan area - spatial development concept proposal  [A]  [R]
  61. 90 years of the municipal surveying and cartographic service in Łódź Page 1  [A]  [R]
  62. 90 years of the municipal surveying and cartographic service in Łódź Page 2  [A]  [R]