Theme maps

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Historical Maps

Maps from 1823, 1827, 1828, 1910, 1917 (Jasiński), 1929, Litzmannstadt Ghetto 1940-1944 years, before 1945, 1946, 1894-1896 (Starzyński) are background of City of Map.
They are published in cooperation with The State Archives and with Department of Geodesy, Land Registry and Stocktaking The City Of Lodz Office.

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Łódź Orthophoto Map

Orthophoto Map is cartographic, photographic area image made as a result transformation aerial photos or satelite photos to picture, which is presented in the correct cartography. The map is completed with informations such as names and symbols, for example symbol of the plane on airplane area. Orthophoto Map which is intended for using in computers sometimes is completed with layers. These layers bring out some informations. On the other hand they may impoverish information, for example if we show parks on the map we can hide their details. Each user can swich on or swich off the layers. Orthophoto Maps which are available in this service have 8 layers. Basic map (InterSIT) consists of 3 orthophoto maps (also the oldest from 1994 year) and over 100 layers.

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Tourist map

The map presents the most important tourist attractions of Łódź with a thematic distribution into industrial, historical and other.
The map also shows the delineated area of ​​the Piotrkowska Street cultural park, which was created to preserve the cultural landscape and the historical character of public spaces, monuments as well as urban layouts of Piotrkowska Street, Wolności Square and Moniuszki Street.
The application allows you to view information about objects.
More information about the presented objects will be gradually added.